Having own land is something that every type of person dreams for on this earth. Being an owner of small or big land means a lot for many of us. We can then utilize this land to either construct villas in Cochin, or use land to build villas in the nearby towns of such as Aluva. The land ownership makes one feel more confident and more powerful. So, if you too feel this need of buying a residential plot to have your own house in your city, then stop for a moment. Take a look at various things which will surely assist you in making a good residential plot deal.

  • Pay attention to the right of the seller on that plot: After seeing a number of plots for residence, if you have shortlisted few residential plots, then the next significant thing is to give attention to all the rights of seller on that plot. For this purpose, you should ask the seller for genuine land deed document. Do verify it from a reliable lawyer and government records in Kochi. In case, you find multiple owners of that land, be very sure that all those owners should be accounted for making this land sale. Moreover, their record should also be available on board.

  • Verification Of Each Land Document: A land purchase is a big purchase. Hence, the sale of land requires many relevant documents. All these land documents certify the authenticity of the buyer. So, during the purchase of a plot, make sure to collect them and properly verify. This verification is mandatory to be done before you make a final investment in a residential plot. You should also ask for a clearing certificate that authenticates that a land is free from any kind of dispute and has no dues left. In addition to these documents, you should also get a parent document from the seller.

  • Land Zone According To A Master Plan: To avoid any mistake in buying a land for residential purpose, you should not miss to consider land zone in which the selected plot falls. Sometimes, the seller does not let buyers know about land zone. Hence, there are chances to invest in the wrong land zone. Moreover, some plots are allotted for reserving purposes. Investing in such plots may prove a big mistake of yours later.

  • Land Approvals: Checking land approvals are one of the most important steps in order to ensure for a healthy residential plot deal. There are many types of approvals that a land require to be a residential property. So, check patiently all documents stating approvals of a plot. It applies not just with residential property, but for commercial ones too. Referring only bank approvals is not enough to rely on, but check for other relevant approvals made by the Development Corporation of a city as well.

  • Connecting Roads: When you seek an ideal plot for residential purpose, an evaluation for connecting roads is essential. Just check for decent accessibility of that plot from the road. Another thing to be pointed is, these connecting roads must come under local official bodies.