Why stay hustled when you have heavens around!!!!

Kochi, a major port city of India with a population of over 25 Lakh has lost its charm to high risers. But, within all that bustling crowds tucked away in the lap of nature is a residential Villa Property, ‘Emerald Hills’. Spread over 14 acres of land, it is three hills with a beautiful countryside view, relaxing atmosphere and a sense of soothing calmness about a Km from Periyar River. It has all the pleasures of a riverside villa to its credit, with a natural valley in the middle, which has a protected water body amidst lush greenery.

Being a resident here brings you closer to heaven with birds chirping while you sip your tea, the early morning mist slowly drifting away with the first rays of sun, sight worth cherishing for the rest of your life. A view not blocked by any other villa is well suited to residential needs for one and all.

With a 1.2 Km jogging track around the property and excellent infrastructure such as uninterrupted power supply, assured water supply, club house, swimming pool, badminton court etc., Emerald Hills is a unique property in Kerala.

A well located gated community, at a distance of 14 kms by road from Kochi International Airport, 7 kms from Aluva Railway Station, 3 kms from the proposed Seaport- Airport Road and 1 km from Periyar River. Emerald Hills is also near to the Info Park and the proposed Smart City.